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The beauty of Halloween is that there are many different ways to celebrate it. Some people don’t care much about it and will just treat it like any other day of the week. Others have children and will spend the evening taking their toddlers trick-or-treating or giving candy at the door. There are horror movie fans who will be watching scary classics all night. There will be plenty of Halloween-themed parties too – complete with spooky cocktails and bites.

But here’s an underrated take on Halloween if you’re interested in making a few extra bucks: Monetizing your skills and resourcefulness for the occasion. Here are 10 Halloween money-making hacks to consider.


$10.6 billion

Is the amount of money Americans spent last year on Halloween. This is a 5% annual increase from 2021's $10.1 billion.

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1. Costume designer

Don’t underestimate the amount of people who will be panicking on October 31 looking for a last-minute costume. Not to mention those who aren’t crafty enough to DIY. If you have sewing skills, consider designing and creating custom costumes for individuals or theater productions.

2. Makeup artist

If you have makeup skills, now’s the time to use them by offering Halloween makeup and face painting services. From adults going to events to moms looking for kids’ makeup, the possibilities are endless, especially if you know your way around special effects. You can even create online tutorials.

3. Virtual tarot card reader

If you know tarot card reading, offer virtual or in-person sessions for Halloween-themed insights. Readings can add a special touch to parties, and you’d be surprised at how many people are into booking them for their events.

4. Food delivery

October 31 is bound to be a lucrative night for food delivery drivers on apps like Uber and DoorDash. Let’s face it: A holiday is a great occasion to order in, even if you’re just having a chill evening at home. Take advantage of the potential surge in demand.

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5. Pet-sitting

Dog owners may feel torn about leaving their pups home while they go trick-or-treating with little ones or attend adult celebrations. Halloween is therefore a good day to offer pet-sitting services.

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6. Event planner

Are you super organized and amazing at hosting events? Offer your planning services to individuals and businesses looking to organize Halloween gatherings hassle-free.

7. Pumpkin carver

If you know your way around a pumpkin, you can make money off that niche skill. Carve intricate designs on pumpkins and sell them as decorations for Halloween. Or offer pumpkin carving classes.

8. Halloween decorator

On that note, you can also provide decoration services to households and businesses for Halloween. This can include setting up spooky scenes, lighting, and props – or creating and installing elaborate yard and lawn displays.

9. Photographer

Photographers can take advantage of Halloween by offering Halloween-themed photoshoots. Find a scenic fall location and offer back-to-back sessions that people can book to take advantage of a Halloween promotion package. You may end up expanding your client base that way.

10. Candy and treat sales

Make and sell Halloween-themed treats like cookies, cupcakes, candy apples, or curated candy bags or baskets if you don’t have the required license and food safety measures in place to sell homemade treats.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of creative ways to make money on Halloween. Just think about the skills you have and how you can provide helpful solutions to people who will be celebrating on October 31. Plus, who knows? You may just turn your idea into a full-time side hustle.