No annual fee5% cash back is limited every quarter
Good for people who want to earn high cash back for everyday purchasesNo travel rewards
Easy online bankingPenalty APR
No foreign transaction feeLow 1% base reward rate

Hidden perks

A great benefit to this card is that it includes superstores like Target in their rotating categories. Many cash back cards omit places like Target, Walmart, and wholesale stores from earning cash back, so this is a huge plus.

Comparing Discover it Cashback with similar cards

Discover it® Cash Back

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Reward rate1% - 5%
Reward detailsEarn 5% cash back on everyday purchases at different places each quarter like, grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, up to the quarterly maximum when you activate. Earn 1% cash back on all other purchases automatically.
Intro Bonus:Equal to the cashback you earn in first year Annual fee$0
Regular APR16.49% - 27.49%
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Wells Fargo Active Cash®

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Reward rate2.00%
Reward detailsEarn unlimited 2% cash rewards on purchases with no categories to track or quarterly activations
Intro Bonus:$200 Annual fee$0
Regular APR20.24% - 29.99%
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Chase Freedom Unlimited®

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Reward rate1.5% - 5%
Reward detailsEarn unlimited 1.5% cash back or more on all purchases, like 3% on dining and drugstores and 5% on travel purchased through Chase.
Intro Bonus:$200 Annual fee$0
Regular APR20.24% - 28.99%
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Beyond the basics

Balance transfer intro APR 0% APR for 15 months
Cash advance APR 29.99%
Foreign transaction fees None
Loan APR None
Late payment fee No fee on first late payment— up to$41 thereafter
Penalty APR No imposed penalty APR on first late payment—balance will accumulate interest at the card’s regular APR thereafter
Credit score required 670+ (Good – Excellent)

Other Offers

  • $0 Fraud liability guaranteeYou are never held responsible for unauthorized purchases made on your account.
  • Freeze ItIf you cannot find your card, easily freeze it to prevent new purchases, cash advances, or transfers. If you cannot find it, you get free overnight shipping to replace the card.
  • Social Security Number alertsReceive an alert if your SSN is found on the dark web.
  • Discover Mobile AppTrack and redeem rewards, view your FICO score, manage your account, and message a representative right from your phone.

What we like about this card

The Discover it Cash Back Credit Card appeals to users through its lucrative cash back rewards, introductory APR, lack of annual fees, security features, and customer-centric services:

Generous cash back rewards

One of the standout features of the Discover it Cash Back Credit Card is its rewarding cash back program. Earn 5% cash back on rotating quarterly categories, such as gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, and more, up to the quarterly maximum when activated. Enjoy 1% unlimited cash back on all other purchases.

Cashback match for the first year

A unique and appealing aspect is the Cashback Match program, Discover automatically matches all the cash back you've earned at the end of your first year, doubling your rewards without any caps or limits. This perk significantly enhances the card's value, especially for new cardholders.

Introductory APR

The card offers an introductory 0% APR on purchases for the first 14 months. This feature is beneficial for those looking to make significant purchases and pay them off over time without incurring interest charges.

No annual fee or foreign transaction fees

The absence of an annual fee makes the Discover it Cash Back Credit Card an attractive option for budget-conscious individuals, and no foreign transaction fee is appealing for frequent travelers.

Redeem cash back anytime

Unlike some cards with strict redemption rules, the Discover it Cash Back allows users to redeem their cash back at any time, in any amount. Redemption options include direct deposits, statement credits, and gift cards, providing flexibility and convenience.

Exceptional customer service

Discover is renowned for its customer service. Cardholders appreciate the responsive and helpful customer support, contributing to an overall positive experience with the card.

Innovative mobile app

The Discover mobile app is user-friendly and feature-rich. It allows cardholders to manage their accounts, track expenses, redeem rewards, and even activate the 5% cash back categories seamlessly.

Drawbacks and considerations

While the Discover it Cash Back Credit Card offers compelling rewards and features, it's important for potential cardholders to be aware of its drawbacks and consider whether these align with their spending habits and preferences:

Rotating categories require activation

While the 5% cash back in rotating categories is a great feature, cardholders need to remember to activate these categories each quarter to maximize rewards. Forgetting to activate may result in earning the standard 1% cash back on all purchases.

Quarterly maximum for 5% cash back

The 5% cash back is subject to a quarterly maximum. Once the spending cap is reached in the activated category, cardholders earn only 1% cash back, limiting the overall potential rewards.

Not widely accepted internationally

Although the card has no foreign transaction fees, Discover is not as widely accepted globally as some other credit card networks like Visa or Mastercard.

Potential high APR after introductory period

While the card offers a 0% APR on purchases for the first 14 months, it's important to consider the variable APR that applies after this period. Individuals who carry a balance beyond the introductory period may face relatively high-interest rates.

Credit score dependency

While the card is accessible to those with average credit, individuals with lower credit scores may have difficulty qualifying.

May not suit high spenders

For individuals who spend significantly in categories not covered by the 5% cash back, or those who spend beyond the quarterly maximum, the card's overall cash back potential might be lower compared to flat-rate cash back cards.

No travel-specific benefits

The card lacks travel-specific perks, such as travel insurance, airport lounge access, or other benefits typically associated with travel rewards cards. Individuals seeking a credit card primarily for travel-related benefits might find other options more suitable.

How to decide if this card is right for you

Deciding if the Discover it Cash Back Credit Card is right for you involves a careful consideration of your spending habits, financial goals, and preferences. Here's a guide to help you determine if this card aligns with your needs:

Evaluate your spending habits

Consider your typical expenses and where you spend the most. The 5% cash back in rotating categories can be lucrative if they align with your regular purchases. If your spending doesn't match the quarterly categories, or you prefer simplicity, a flat-rate cash back card might be a better fit.

Assess your interest in activation

The card's 5% cash back categories require quarterly activation. Assess whether you are willing to actively engage in this process to maximize rewards. If you prefer a set-it-and-forget-it approach, a card with a consistent cash back rate might be more suitable.

Determine the sign-up bonus importance

The Discover it Cash Back Credit Card doesn't have a traditional sign-up bonus, but the Cashback Match for the first year can be substantial. If you prioritize immediate rewards, consider if the Cashback Match compensates for the absence of a fixed sign-up bonus.

Consider your credit score

While the card is accessible to those with average credit, ensure that your credit score aligns with the card's requirements. If you have a lower credit score, explore other options that might be more attainable.

Analyze Your Travel and International Spending

If you frequently travel internationally, be mindful that Discover is not as widely accepted as other card networks. If travel benefits are crucial, a travel rewards card from a more globally accepted network might be a better fit.

Assess your interest in APR promotions

If you plan on making significant purchases and want a period of interest-free payments, the 0% APR on purchases for the first 14 months can be advantageous. If APR promotions are not a priority or if you plan to carry a balance, compare the card's post-promotional APR with other options.

Consider your overall financial goals

Reflect on your broader financial objectives. If you are looking to maximize cash back and enjoy a year of doubled rewards with Cashback Match, the Discover it Cash Back Credit Card is appealing. If your goals involve travel, building credit, or specific perks, explore cards tailored to those objectives.

Found a prefect pair

Pair your Discover it Cashback with Citi® Double Cash Card

Citi® Double Cash Card

Apply now with Citi

For maximum saving potential, pair this card with Citi Double Cash Card. For any purchases that do not fall into a bonus category, use Citi’s flat-rate credit card so you can earn more than 1.5% cash back on those purchases. You will receive 2% cash back—1% when you buy and 1% when your purchases are paid off.

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As a Discover card member, you can have two different credit cards from Discover, but you cannot have more than two Discover cards open at the same time.

No, there is no annual fee or foreign transaction fee.

Ultimately, the Discover it Cash Back card is worth considering if you can maximize the 5% cash back categories, take advantage of the Cashback Match in the first year, and appreciate the absence of an annual fee. However, if you prefer a straightforward cash back structure without quarterly activations or if you have specific travel-related needs, other credit cards might better suit your preferences. It’s crucial to assess your spending patterns and financial goals to determine if the card aligns with your overall financial strategy.

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