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How finding the best cash back credit card works on Credello

Find your perfect credit card match in 3 easy steps.

1. Answer a few simple questions

We ask you basic questions about how you spend your money and what you want from your credit card.

2. Benefit from our state-of-the-art algorithm

Credello's state-of-the-art algorithm compares hundreds of cards on the market right now based on your spending habits, requirements and where you can earn the most cashback.

3. Cards that are just right for you

We fetch the best suited cards for you, with your Match score and the estimated cashback value, for easy comparison.

Pros and cons of using a cash back credit card



Earn extra cash each month just by using the card
Higher APRs than other credit cards
Improve your credit score by adding to your credit history
Sometimes require you to enroll in bonus categories on a monthly or quarterly basis
Typically, do not have an annual fee
May not be as valuable as travel cards, depending on your lifestyle
Some offer sign-up bonuses, welcome offers, or 0% APR introductory rates
Few additional perks
Flexibility in how rewards are redeemed
Foreign transactions and other fees can be high depending on the card
Different types of cards offer a variety of reward categories and choice options
Some have earning caps, limiting how much cash back you can get in a certain category

Why it's worth getting a cash back card

If you use a credit card for regular spending, why not earn extra cash back that you can spend anywhere? Not only can you earn cash on every purchase, you can earn even more when you take advantage of bonus categories with higher reward rates. These cards are easy to understand and use, and you can almost immediately see the value.

Plus, these cards usually don't have annual fees, and often offer sign-up bonuses or welcome offers that allow you to earn more faster. This, in addition to the flexibility in redeeming the cash, can make cash back credit cards a great option if you’re looking for a rewards card.