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When considering different credit cards to apply for, there are a variety of options to consider, with Wells Fargo offering a large number. However, it’s important to ensure you qualify for certain cards before you actually apply for them. One easy way to know whether or not you are approved for a card is if you have received a Wells Fargo pre-approval.

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Which Wells Fargo credit cards offer preapproval?

Wells Fargo does not list on their website which of their cards they offer preapproval for, but it is well known that most credit card companies run soft checks on potential consumers’ credit quite often. This soft check can often result in a Wells Fargo preapproved credit card offer. Therefore, the majority of consumer credit cards offered by Wells Fargo, such as the Active Cash card, Autograph card, or Reflect card, will likely offer pre-approval.

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How to get pre-approved for a Wells Fargo credit card?

To prequalify for Wells Fargo credit cards via a preapproval offer, it’s best to already be a Wells Fargo customer with an existing credit card. Typically, Wells Fargo will turn to their own portfolio of customers first to determine if any of them are eligible for a preapproved upgrade. There are Wells Fargo prequalify tools online that can give you a good indication as to whether or not you would be approved if you apply, but this is not the same as a preapproval. Otherwise, it’s possible that you will receive a pre-approval offer in the mail at some point in the future.

How to increase your chances of getting pre-approved?

Generally speaking, the best chance for a Wells Fargo credit card prequalify or preapproval offer is to practice positive spending habits in regard to all of your credit. This means making on-time and in-full payments, maintaining a positive credit utilization, and other healthy factors. When looking at Wells Fargo credit card preapproval, the company will want to see that you have bolstered your credit score over time to a level that meets their expectations for a specific card.


No, prequalifying for a credit card is not the same as pre-approval. Prequalification simply means you meet the criteria for the card and the requirements. It generally is a strong indicator that you could be approved, but it is not a guarantee.

Most credit card companies offer prequalification tools for specific cards on their websites which can be used to answer the question of whether can you prequalify for a Wells Fargo credit card.

Yes, any credit card issuer can deny a credit card application, even after preapproval, if the details in your application are not meeting the expectations of the bank.