$0 annual feeRewards categories may not align with your spending
Intro APR offer on purchasesLow sign-up bonus
High cash back earnings on self-care, entertainment, and planet-friendly purchasesLack of travel and other luxury benefits and perks 
Variety of rewards redemption options3% foreign transaction fees
Cell phone protection, auto rental collision damage waiver, and concierge servicesGood to excellent credit required
Unlimited rewards

Hidden perks

This card comes with no annual fee and a 0% intro APR for 12 months on purchases, so it can be a good option if you’re planning to make a large purchase soon. There’s also a sign-up bonus and when you qualify, Wells Fargo will donate $50 to Capital Link, a nonprofit organization focused on creating resilient energy for local communities.

Comparing Wells Fargo Autograph with similar cards

Wells Fargo Attune℠ Card

Apply now with Wells Fargolock-icon
Reward rate1% - 4%
Reward detailsEarn unlimited 4% cash rewards on Self-Care, Select Sports, Recreation, and Entertainment and Planet-Friendly Purchases. Plus, earn 1% on other purchases
Intro Bonus:$100  Annual fee$0 
Regular APR20.24% - 29.99%

Wells Fargo Active Cash®

Apply now with Wells Fargolock-icon
Reward rate2.00%
Reward detailsEarn unlimited 2% cash rewards on purchases with no categories to track or quarterly activations
Intro Bonus:$200 Annual fee$0
Regular APR20.24% - 29.99%
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Chase Freedom Flex®

Reward rate1% - 5%
Reward detailsEarn 5% on travel purchased through Chase Ultimate Rewards. Earn 3% on dining at restaurants, including takeout and eligible delivery services. Earn 3% on drugstore purchases. Earn 1% on all other purchases.
Intro Bonus:$200 Annual fee$0
Regular APR19.49% - 28.24%

Beyond the basics

Balance transfer intro APR N/A
Cash advance APR 29.99%
Foreign transaction fees 3% of each transaction
Loan APR 20.24%, 25.34%, 29.99%
Late payment fee None
Penalty APR None
Credit score required 670+ (Good – Excellent)

Other Offers

  • Cell phone protectionGet up to $600 of cell phone protection against damage, theft, and loss when you pay your monthly bill with the Attune credit card.
  • Auto rental collision damage waiverPay for rental cars using your Attune card and get reimbursed for covered damage or theft.
  • Concierge ServicesGet 24/7 access to recommendations and other assistance.
  • Mastercard Travel and Lifestyle ServicesIf you experience a problem with your hotel, a Lifestyle Manager can help resolve the issue.
  • My Wells Fargo DealsGet access to personalized deals from a variety of merchants and earn additional cash back.
  • Airport ConciergeGet 15% savings on Airport Meet and Greet services at select airports.

What we like about this card

No annual fee or penalties

This card comes with no annual fee, no late fees, and no penalty APR if you do miss a payment.

Unlimited 4% cash back

This card has several merchants and spending categories where you can earn unlimited 4% cash back. Many credit cards with higher rewards categories have caps at how much cash back you can earn, making this card stand out.

Specialized rewards categories

Many of these rewards categories are not seen with other credit cards, including things like massage and beauty spas, gardening and other hobby purchases, streaming, music, movies, and books, and antique shop purchases. For those who have high spending in these categories, this may be one of the most lucrative cards on the market.

Rewards redemption options

Redeem rewards for a statement credit, cash back, or gift cards. You can also redeem for travel purchases or transfer rewards to one of Wells Fargo’s transfer partners to get even more bang for your buck.

Drawbacks and considerations

Lack of perks and benefits

Compared to other credit cards, the Wells Fargo Attune card doesn’t have many additional perks and benefits, especially those related to travel. If you’re looking for more luxury or travel benefits, this card may not be for you.

Rewards categories could be niche

While there is quite a variety of purchases that fall into the 4% cash back rewards categories, some could be considered quite niche and may not align with your spending. Check that the bonus categories are areas where you spend before choosing this card.

Low sign-up bonus

The Attune has a sign-up bonus of $100 when you spend $500 in the first three months. While this is relatively easy to achieve, the bonus is lower than many other cards available.

No balance transfer intro APR offer

The Attune does have a 0% intro APR for purchases, but not for balance transfers. If you’re looking for a card to help you save on debt consolidation, consider a different card.

Foreign transaction fees

The Wells Fargo Attune card does come with foreign transaction fees, so if you frequently travel internationally or make purchases in foreign currencies, these fees can quickly add up and offset cash back benefits.

How to decide if this card is right for you

Deciding if the Wells Fargo Attune credit card is right for you depends on your financial needs, spending habits, and the specific features and benefits of the card

Check your credit score

It’s recommended to have good to excellent credit (670 or higher) when applying for the Attune card. Check your credit score to understand if you’d qualify, and if not, review your credit report to understand how you may be able to improve your score.

Assess your spending habits

Carefully review the 4% cash back rewards categories and example merchants to learn if these align with your spending habits. Estimate your monthly spending in these categories to calculate potential rewards earnings.

Understand the card’s features

Consider the 0% intro APR offer for purchases and ongoing APR for purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances. Finally, consider the foreign transaction and balance transfer fees and whether those will cost you as you use the card.

Check the card’s perks and benefits

The Attune does have a few additional perks and benefits, so understand what those are and whether you’ll be able to take advantage of them. Consider whether additional perks offered by other credit cards may be more valuable.

Read ratings and reviews

Wells Fargo is a relatively well-known and respected bank, but check online reviews and ratings from current cardholders to get an idea of customer satisfaction and potential issues with Wells Fargo and the Attune card. Also look for expert reviews from financial websites and blogs.

Understand the terms and conditions

Read the fine print to understand all the terms and conditions associated with the card, including how rewards are earned and redeemed.

Ways to maximize the benefits of this card

Maximizing the benefits of the Wells Fargo Attune card involves strategically using the card to earn the most rewards, taking advantage of any introductory offers, and utilizing the card’s additional features. Here are some effective ways to do this:

1. Leverage rewards categories: Understand what categories earn the most rewards with your card, and use the card primarily for purchases in those top categories to maximize earnings.

2. Take advantage of intro offers: The Attune card currently has a sign-up bonus ($100 when you spend $500 in the first three months), which can be a relatively easy to earn bonus. Plus, Attune has a 0% intro APR offer for 12 months on purchases, so take advantage of this if you plan to make a large purchase when you first get the card.

3. Redeem rewards strategically: Look for redemption options that provide the best value, such as cash back, statement credits, or travel transfer partners. Steer clear of lower-value redemption options such as gift cards, unless they are on promotion.

4. Use the additional benefits: The Attune card offers cell phone protection, auto rental collision damage waiver, concierge services, and more. Take advantage of those benefits to make the most of the card.

5. Pay your balance in full: Paying your balance in full each month helps you avoid interest charges, which can negate the value of your rewards. Plus, regular, on-time payments contribute to a healthy credit score.

How to redeem your rewards

Redeeming Wells Fargo credit card rewards can be done through various methods.Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you understand how to redeem your Wells Fargo credit card rewards:

1. Log into Your Account: Visit the Wells Fargo website and log into your online account using your username and password. Alternatively, you can use the Wells Fargo mobile app to access your account.

2. Navigate to the Rewards Section: Once logged in, navigate to the rewards section. This can usually be found under the “Accounts” tab or a specific “Rewards” tab.

3. Check Your Rewards Balance: Check your current rewards balance to see how many points, miles, or cash back you have accumulated.

4. Explore Redemption Options: Wells Fargo offers a variety of redemption options, which may include:

Cash Back: Redeem your rewards for a statement credit or a direct deposit into a Wells Fargo checking or savings account.

Travel: Use your points or miles to book flights, hotels, car rentals, and more through the Wells Fargo Rewards portal.

Gift Cards: Choose from a selection of gift cards to popular retailers and restaurants.

Merchandise: Redeem points for merchandise through the Wells Fargo Rewards catalog.

Charitable Donations: Donate your rewards to a participating charity.

5. Select Your Preferred Redemption Option

Cash Back Redemption: If you choose cash back, select the amount you want to redeem and confirm whether you want it as a statement credit or a bank deposit.

Travel Redemption: If booking travel, follow the prompts to search for flights, hotels, or other travel services, and complete the booking using your rewards.

Gift Card Redemption: Browse available gift cards, select your preferred one, and confirm the redemption.

Merchandise Redemption: Browse the catalog, select the item you want, and complete the redemption process.

Charitable Donations: Choose the charity you want to support and specify the amount you wish to donate.

6. Confirm and Complete the Redemption: Double-check the details of your redemption to ensure everything is correct. Confirm the redemption and submit your request. You may receive a confirmation email or notification.

7. Monitor Your Account: Monitor your account for updates regarding the status of your redemption, especially for travel bookings and merchandise orders.

How this card helps the environment along with you

One way the Attune credit card helps the environment is when you earn the $100 sign-up bonus, Wells Fargo will donate $50 to Capital Link, a national nonprofit organization that helps bring emergency solar power to vulnerable communities. Additionally, you get rewarded for making planet-friendly purchases, such as commuter passenger transportation and railways, EV charging stations, bus lines, and antique shops/used merchandise stores purchases.

Also know that the Attune card is made from recycled plastic.

Found a prefect pair

Pair your Wells Fargo Attune with Chase Sapphire Preferred

Chase Sapphire Preferred

Apply now with Chase

Earn5x points on travel booked through Chase, 3x points on online grocery purchases, streaming services, and dining, 1x points on all other purchases. Make the most of this card by taking advantage of the travel perks and additional card benefits, as well as rewards on broader spending categories. Includes travel insurance and purchase protections.

Apply now with Chase


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Yes, you can apply for the new Wells Fargo Attune card even if you already have a Wells Fargo credit card. Approval will depend on your creditworthiness and Wells Fargo’s credit policies. That said, you may not qualify for an additional Wells Fargo credit card once if you opened one in the last six months.

Getting approved for the Wells Fargo Attune credit card generally requires good to excellent credit. Approval depends on various factors, including your credit score, income, and credit history. It’s advisable to check your credit status and ensure it meets Wells Fargo’s requirements before applying.

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