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Many credit card providers offer rewards programs to their card holders to incentivize them to use their cards. However, no two rewards programs are alike and each offers unique benefits. Wells Fargo rewards are one of the most commonly used rewards programs, which makes awareness of the key benefits of this program important.

In this article, you’ll learn:

Wells Fargo reward basics

For those who are unfamiliar with Wells Fargo rewards points, these are earned by simply making purchases on a Wells Fargo card that is tied into the program. All a person needs to do in order to get into this program is to sign up for a credit card that is active within the program, and they will be automatically enrolled. Wells Fargo offers both cash back and points as rewards options with their cards.

To view existing rewards points or to see Wells Fargo points values in your account, simply login to your normal Wells Fargo account. There will be a Wells Fargo rewards “account” that simply holds the balance of your rewards. Additionally, a person can go directly to the Wells Fargo rewards website in order to view their balance of points.

Points can be redeemed for a variety of things like cash back, statement credits, gift cards, travel, merchandise, and more.

Protip Ebony Howard's Expert Take
There is power in points when you can get rewarded for making everyday purchases. Rewards points can mean the difference between helping you go the extra mile to get something of more value. Once you build up points, Wells Fargo makes it easy to redeem your points in several ways. Whether you want to use your points to pay off your credit card statement, or to purchase travel or merchandise, the choice is yours. Use your points to your advantage, it’s better to choose the redemption option that will give you the most leverage with your points.

How to earn Wells Fargo rewards?

Wells Fargo rewards are earned on everyday purchases through eligible credit cards, as well as through a few other methods. The most prominent of these methods are outlined below:

1. Using eligible Wells Fargo credit cards

There are a number of eligible Wells Fargo credit cards that, when signed up for, will automatically begin earning a person Wells Fargo rewards points. These cards include:

Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card

Annual fee: $0

Rewards earning: Earn unlimited 2% cash back on all purchases with no categories to track or quarterly activations.

Welcome offer: Get a $200 cash rewards bonus when you spend $500 in purchases in the first three months. You can also get 0% intro APR for 15 months on purchases and qualifying balance transfers.

Wells Fargo Active Cash®

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Reward rate: 2.00%
Reward details: Earn unlimited 2% cash rewards on purchases with no categories to track or quarterly activations close-icon

Card summary

Annual fee: $0
Regular APR: 20.24% - 29.99%

Wells Fargo Autograph℠ Card

Annual fee: $0

Rewards earning:

  • 3x points on restaurants (dining in, take-out, catering, delivery, and more)
  • 3x points on travel (airfare, hotels, car rentals, cruises, and more)
  • 3x points on gas (gas stations and electric vehicle charging stations)
  • 3x points on transit (subways, rideshares, parking, tolls, and more)
  • 3x points on popular streaming services
  • 3x points on phone plans (cell phones and landline providers)
  • 1x point on all other purchases

Welcome offer: Get 20,000 bonus points when you spend $1,000 in purchases in the first three months ($200 cash redemption value). This card also offers a 0% intro APR for 12 months on purchases.

Wells Fargo Autograph®

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Reward rate: 1x - 3x
Reward details: Earn unlimited 3X points on restaurants, travel, gas stations, transit, popular streaming services and phone plans. Plus earn 1X points on all other purchases close-icon

Card summary

Annual fee: $0
Regular APR: 20.24% - 29.99%

2. Through welcome offers and other promotions

Oftentimes, welcome bonuses are offered for Wells Fargo credit cards that are meant to convince more people to sign up for a card. The Wells Fargo Rewards offered by this bonus are often hundreds of dollars in values which can be redeemed directly for cash back or other items.

Wells Fargo bank rules

Before applying for a Wells Fargo credit card, it’s important to be aware of their application rules and restrictions: Wells Fargo may not approve your application for a new credit card if you have received a welcome bonus in the last six months. This means if you got a new card, regardless of the welcome offer (such as cash back or a 0% intro APR), you aren’t eligible for a card with a welcome bonus for six months. This counts even if you close the other card within that time period.

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How are Wells Fargo rewards calculated?

Wells Fargo rewards are calculated differently depending on how many rewards you earn and how much value each point is worth depending on the card you have.

For example, if you have the Wells Fargo Active Cash card that earns 2% cash back and you spend $1,000 every month, you can redeem your rewards for $20 in cash.

However, if you have the Autograph card, the rewards you earn depend on how you use the card as you can earn 3 points per dollar at restaurants, travel, gas stations, transit, popular streaming services and phone plans, and 1 point per dollar on all other purchases. So for example, say you spend $500 on purchases in the bonus categories and $1,000 on purchases that aren’t. You’d earn 2,500 points, or $25 in cash.

That said, if you choose to put those points towards a travel purchase through the Wells Fargo redemption portal, the cash value of your travel may be higher than the value of your points when redeemed for cash, so you’ll see a higher redemption value per point.

Rates aren’t disclosed on what each redemption option is worth, so you may have to compare different options when it comes time to redeem your points.

How to redeem Wells Fargo rewards?

Wells Fargo rewards can either be redeemed directly in a person’s Wells Fargo account for cash back or statement credit. They can also be redeemed by going to the Wells Fargo rewards portal and scanning through the list of available redemptions for travel, leisure, and other items as well.

1. Use Wells Fargo Rewards through PayPal

The Pay with Rewards (PWR) feature allows you to redeem your available Wells Fargo Rewards online through participating PWR merchants toward qualifying purchases. Shop at millions of online stores and redeem your rewards when you check out with PayPal.

2. Other ways to use Wells Fargo Rewards

  • Redeem for cash back: Have your rewards deposited into a qualifying Wells Fargo checking account. Or, you can get paper check redemptions in increments of $25.
  • Redeem for statement credit: Redeem your rewards as a credit to a qualifying Wells Fargo credit card or mortgage.
  • Redeem through ATM withdrawals: Withdraw cash from a Wells Fargo ATM in $20 increments. Note you must have a Wells Fargo Debit or ATM card to redeem rewards this way and there may be a maximum limit on how much you can redeem from an ATM each day.
  • Redeem through Wells Fargo travel portal: Redeem rewards for flights, car rentals, and hotel stays for your next vacation through Wells Fargo Rewards.
  • Redeem through merchandise: You can shop with rewards for merchandise from hundreds of retailers such as for home decor, bags and luggage, Apple products, appliances, and more.
  • Redeem for gift cards: Wells Fargo has an extensive selection of gift cards which you can use your Wells Fargo Rewards to buy.

How much are Wells Fargo rewards worth?

Redemption values may vary depending on the method of redemption. For example, when redeemed for statement credits they are worth 1 cent per dollar but must be redeemed in increments of 100 points, or $1.

Redemptions made over the phone or online have a 2,500 point ($25) minimum, while redemptions made via an ATM are subject to a 2,000 point ($20) minimum. Be sure to read any terms and conditions before redeeming any of your points.

Compared to other programs, the Wells Fargo redeem rewards program is lacking, yet its simplicity is one of its strongest selling points. The redemption portal for Wells Fargo rewards points is far less built out than alternatives from competitors such as Amex or Chase, and the redemption value is lower than competitors as well.

Program Average Value
Wells Fargo Rewards 1.0 cents
American Express Membership Rewards
  • Pay with Points: 0.7 – 1.0 cents per point
  • Gift Cards: Up to 1 cents per point
  • Cover Your Charges: 0.6 cents per point
  • Pay with Points through American Express Travel: up to .01 cent per point
  • Transfer Points: Typically 1:1 ratio
Capital One Rewards
  • Cash Back: 0.5 cents per mile
  • Travel: 1.0 cent per mile
  • Travel Partners: 1.0 – 2.0 cents per mile
  • Shopping: 0.8 – 1 cent per mile
  • Gift cards: 0.5 – 1 cent per mile
Chase Ultimate Rewards
  • Travel redemption depends on the card. For example:
    • Sapphire Reserve for Travel: 1.5 cents per point
    • Sapphire Preferred for Travel: 1.25 cents per point
  • Cash back: 1 cent per point
  • Gift cards: 1 cent per point
Citi ThankYou Points Between 1.0 and 1.6 cents per point depending on how you redeem (gift cards, cash back, flights, and more)

How long does it take to redeem Wells Fargo rewards?

Given that Wells Fargo rewards typically have a rate of one cent, it can take months to save up enough rewards points to redeem Wells Fargo rewards.


No, standard account holders will enjoy rewards points that never expire unless they are used or redeemed for some purpose.

Wells Fargo rewards will only disappear from an account if they are used or if a person holds a specialty credit card, such as a business card, that has specified expiration dates for rewards points.

For the average everyday spender who does not have the desire to put energy towards thinking about what credit card to use for what purchase, Wells Fargo rewards are a nice way to achieve an automatic bonus. Those looking to dive deep into the world of credit card rewards should consider more in-depth and detailed rewards programs.

You can redeem your rewards for credits to a Wells Fargo bank account by logging into Wells Fargo Online and requesting the redemption or by calling 1-877-517-1358.

No, currently Wells Fargo does not have any transfer partners. However, they have confirmed that points transfers may launch in 2024 for Autograph cardholders.

The best way to use Wells Fargo rewards is to simply make everyday purchases on your credit cards with Wells Fargo. To that end, the person who should consider using Wells Fargo rewards points is the average, everyday spender who does not want to put much thought into which card to use for which purchase in their life.

The best and easiest way to redeem Wells Fargo Rewards is as a statement credit to your card account, or to an eligible checking account or mortgage. This redemption gives you a consistent redemption value of 1 cent per point.

The process for redeeming Wells Fargo rewards may vary depending on the specific rewards program associated with your Wells Fargo credit card. Here’s a general guide on how you might cash out or redeem rewards with Wells Fargo:

  1. Log in to your account: Access your Wells Fargo online banking account using your username and password.
  2. Navigate to rewards section: Look for a section related to rewards or benefits. This may be labeled differently based on the specific credit card you have.
  3. Select redemption option: Explore the available redemption options. Common choices include cash back, statement credits, gift cards, merchandise, or travel.
  4. Follow redemption process: Once you’ve selected the redemption option, follow the on-screen instructions. This may involve specifying the amount you want to redeem or choosing a particular reward.
  5. Review and confirm: Before finalizing the redemption, review the details to ensure accuracy. Confirm your choice to complete the redemption process.
  6. Receive redemption: Depending on the chosen redemption option, you may receive cash back as a statement credit, a check, or have the funds deposited into a designated account.

Wells Fargo cards that are no longer accepting new applications but existing cardholders can use to earn rewards include:

  • Wells Fargo Cash Back College Card
  • Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa
  • Wells Fargo Visa Signature Card
  • Wells Fargo Propel World American Express
  • Wells Fargo Rewards Card