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Want to learn more about FIRE on the go? Check out these definitive podcasts that cover everything from wealth-building to investing and debt-free living.

In this article, you’ll learn:

Comparing the top FIRE podcasts

Podcast Best For Average Episode Duration Release Day
Afford Anything Those who want to change their money mindsets and stop living a life filled with debt 1 hr Wednesdays
Choose FI Those who want actionable ideas for getting started in the FIRE movement 1 Hr Mondays
Financial Independence Podcast Those who want to pick the brains of the best FIRE gurus 20 mins Wednesdays
BiggerPockets Money Podcast Those who want to learn actionable ways to grow wealth 40 mins Thursdays, Fridays, Mondays
Earn & Invest 50 mins Mondays and Thursdays

A closer look at the best podcasts on FIRE

1. Afford anything with Paula Plant

Listen now: Podcast – Afford Anything

Why we love it: Feel like you’re bogged down with debt and impulsive spending? This podcast is for you! Paula Plant interviews savvy guests that break down their stories about living well without debt and how they’ve shifted away from trying to buy everything, instead learning how to afford anything!

2. Choose FI with Jonathan Mendonsa & Brad Barrett

Listen now: Choose FI Podcast

Why we love it: What can you do today that will make your FIRE dreams happen in the next few years? Jonathan and Brad are your guys for finding out! Every week they dive into how the FI community works and actionable steps you can take to work toward retiring early ASAP. Every subject related to FIRE is taken apart, from optimizing your taxes to learning how to build better passive income streams. And yes, they’ve even got a few tips for learning how to travel the world for free!

3. Financial Independence Podcast with The Mad Fientist

Listen now: Mad Fientist Financial Independence Podcast

Why we love it: Learn from those who’ve actually hit their FIRE goals and hear how they did it. The Mad Fientist interviews top minds of the FIRE movement, including Mr. Money Moustache, Ramit Sethi, and JL Collins. Each episode covers a different aspect of FIRE and offers alternative routes for achieving financial independence besides the typical “engineer > retire” path.

4. BiggerPockets Money with Mindy Jensen and Scott Trench

Listen now: The Money Podcast by BiggerPockets

Why we love it: Financial experts Mindy and Scott interview leading financial analysts, experts, and even a few FIRE gurus to tackle the toughest parts of changing your financial life: reducing debt, spending smarter, growing wealth, and taking the leap into retirement.

5. Earn & Invest with Doc G

Listen now: The Earn & Invest Podcast

Why we love it: “While we may not always uncover definitive answers, our goal is to equip you with the essential questions necessary to navigate a richer path towards financial independence.” That sentence alone should tell you why we love it so much! Every week, Doc G hosts two episodes: one with a panel that covers a wide array of personal finance and investing topics and the other which involves a deep dive with a 1:1 expert interview. Skim through the recent episodes, and you’ll quickly learn how anyone of any age can grow wealth and achieve their financial goals.


FIRE is absolutely achievable for those who are able to change their money mindsets and focus on the long-term goal. FIRE typically takes anywhere from five to 10 years, depending on income and spending habits, and requires extreme discipline. It’s not an easy path to take, but the payoff of living a life of financial freedom is well worth the work.

No. In fact, data compiled by Vanguard found that the average American only has $141,542 saved for retirement. Considering the standard rule of thumb for FIRE is that you should have ~25x your yearly spending saved, there’s a big gap between what we should be saving and what we actually are.

So Money, BiggerPockets Money, and Planet Money are some of our favorites but check out our guide to the best personal finance podcasts for more details and shows.