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As a credit card holder, your credit limit determines what you can reasonably purchase. A higher credit limit naturally opens the door to different types of purchases, but a low credit limit can be quite restrictive. For that reason, many people wonder how to get Discover to raise their credit limit so that they can afford more with their credit card. Learn everything you need to know to increase your Discover credit limit today.

In this article, you’ll learn:

Things to know before you request for a credit limit increase

Before diving into how to get your credit limit increased, it’s important to consider whether you are eligible for a limit raise and whether you should even request one in the first place.

1. What is your current credit limit?

First and foremost, consider what your current credit limit is to determine whether or not you need it raised. For example, wanting a higher credit limit simply to say you have a higher limit is a horrible reason. Take a person who has constant monthly purchases that they like to use their credit card for, though, having a higher limit may help.

2. How much credit limit do you require?

After taking a look at what your current credit limit is, dive into the amount of credit you may need. The best way to figure out how much you need for a Discover credit line increase is to take your current expenses that you wish to put on the card and add them all up. This amount should ideally be equal to less than 50% of your total credit limit, so use this number as a guide to figure out how much you should request.

3. Are you eligible for a credit line increase?

Finally, it’s important to look at whether or not you are eligible for a credit line increase to begin with. Some credit card issuers don’t allow you to be eligible unless it has been a year since your last increase, whereas others have less strict requirements based on the specific card.

4. Know the pros and cons

Other factors to consider before increasing your credit limit are the various pros and cons associated with this request. Specifically, the pros include:

  • Lower credit utilization ratio: When your credit line increases, assuming your bills stay the same, the amount of credit that you use every month will decrease. A lower credit utilization will result in a higher credit score.
  • More funds to make purchases: Those who need to make a major purchase will benefit from a higher credit limit as it will allow them enough funds to make whatever purchases they may need.
  • Improved credit standing in the eyes of the bureaus: Having a higher credit limit via a credit line increase Discover offering can cause you to be viewed better and more trustworthy by the credit bureaus.

While all of the above benefits make requesting a higher credit limit tempting, it’s important to keep in mind the additional drawbacks:

  • You may spend more than you can afford: What naturally comes with a higher credit limit is the temptation to utilize all of the funds you have access to, even if you cannot afford it.
  • The risk of overall credit card debt increases: Finally, having a higher credit limit on a card simply increases the risk of incurring credit card debt as a result.

Ways to increase your credit limit with Discover

With the risks and benefits outlined, it’s time to dive into how to request a credit limit increase with Discover. There are three general strategies to use for this goal:

1. Apply for a new credit card

For those who may not be eligible for a credit line increase on their current Discover card, consider opening a new credit card in addition to your outstanding version. This will allow you to have access to an entirely new credit limit in addition to the existing one on your card. Just be sure that the new card you open serves a specific purpose and that you aren’t opening a card that you would use for the same payments as your other card.

2. Request credit card limit increase

When looking at whether a Discover credit card line increase is possible with your account, the easiest way to get one is to simply request it. You can either do this by logging into your Discover app and navigating to the credit limit section or by calling the number associated with your credit card and verbally requesting to see if you are eligible for a credit line increase.

3. Check for automatic credit limit increase

Never forget that some companies offer automatic credit line increases with good credit habits. A Discover credit limit increase may occur randomly for one month on your account if they have seen strong behavior from you regarding your credit.

How long does it take to get a credit limit increase?

Generally, a credit limit increase will be processed immediately after the request has been approved. This means that a Discover increase credit line request could be processed, approved, and issued all on the same day. In some rare cases, it may take a couple of days for the approval to come through if they need to take a deeper look at your account.

What to do if your Discover request is denied?

In some cases, your Discover request credit line increase may be denied. Learning what steps to take afterward can help you figure out the best course of action:

1. Increase your income

One common reason a credit line increase request is denied is simply because you may have too low of a reported income. When looking at how to get a credit line increase with Discover you will need to demonstrate that your income is high enough to justify a higher credit line. For example, someone who makes $30,000 a year will not receive a credit line that matches their income. Focus on increasing your income before requesting a large credit limit increase.

2. Improve credit score

Another common reason a credit line increase request is denied is due to a credit score that is too low. When considering how to increase your credit limit with Discover, also start by focusing on bolstering your credit score. Doing so will give you a better chance at approval.

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3. Apply for a credit card with a different issuer

In some cases, you may have too many accounts open with Discover for them to justify giving you more funds across all of your accounts combined. When this occurs, the best path to follow is to open a new credit card with a different issuer that can give you a fresh credit limit.

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4. Go for balance transfer

For those with large amounts of debt on their plate, consider transferring that debt to a specialty balance transfer card with Discover. Doing so will force your credit limit to increase given the outstanding balance that will be on the call. Just be sure to make all your payments quickly and during the non-interest period if applicable.

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Is it smart to request a credit line increase?

There are many smart reasons to request a credit line increase and learning how to increase Discover’s credit limit can open the door to new purchases and a better financial standpoint. However, you shouldn’t increase your credit limit just for the fun of it as this can lead to overspending and poor credit habits.

Does credit limit increase hurt credit score?

So long as all debt payments are made on time and in full, an increase in your credit limit will not harm your credit score. With that said, it even has the potential to increase your credit score by creating a lower credit utilization which is one of the key factors considered by the credit bureaus.


Based on user data, in looking at the Discover credit line increase how often question, it doesn’t appear that Discover increases credit lines automatically.

While the answer to does Discover automatically increases credit limits on accounts is no, that doesn’t mean you can’t manually request an increase. To request a credit line increase with Discover, navigate to their mobile application or website and log in. Find the dropdown section for card services and locate where it discusses credit limits to request the increase. Alternatively, you can call the number on the back of your card to request the increase.

When looking at the question of how to request a credit line increase with Discover, it’s worth noting that there will never be an automatic increase. Therefore, it is recommended that if you want to increase your credit limit you wait at least six months after opening the card to make the request.

When considering Discover how to increase the credit limit on a card, you may have noticed that it seems difficult. This is because the credit line increase needs to be justified in many cases and if nothing has changed since the account was opened, there is no reason for the increase to be approved. Considering the answer to does credit line increase affects credit score Discover is no, there is also no harm in requesting unless it results in a hard inquiry on your credit.