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One of the main questions people have when considering whether or not a credit card is right for them is how difficult it is to get approved for the card. Discover is one of the biggest names in the credit card space and, as such, many people wonder if it is hard to get a Discover card or not. There is no simple answer to this question as it entirely depends on the type of card that a person is applying for.

In this article, you’ll learn:

How hard is it to get a Discover credit card?

From a basic standpoint, it would not be considered difficult to get a Discover card. This is mainly because they offer a wide variety of credit cards, meaning there are multiple options for a person to consider. In looking at how hard is it to get a Discover card, options such as the student card or secured card reduce the overall benchmark as they have looser requirements.

Application rules for Discover credit cards

There are a few different rules associated with applying for Discover credit cards that must be examined before applying. First and foremost, when looking at how to get approved for Discover cards, it’s important to know that you can only have up to two Discover credit cards opened, though some sources claim this number is closer to five. Students can only have a single card. Discover also limits people to applying for just one card per year. So long as these rules are followed, the answer to a Discover card hard to get should be no.

Easy approval credit cards by Discover

While no credit card is technically easy to be approved for, there are some with less stringent terms than others. The most notable of these cards with Discover include:

1. Discover it® Secured Credit Card: Applicants with a poor credit score will be considered and this card comes with cash deposits which determine your credit limit.

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2. Discover it® Student Cash Back Card: Applicants with both poor and fair credit scores will be considered, but you must be a student to apply.

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Why you may be denied a Discover credit card?

Even though the answer to a Discover card hard to get is generally no, that doesn’t mean approval is a guarantee. There are several factors which can determine whether your application is approved, with the most notable including:

New account

If the Discover account you are currently trying to open is your first account with Discover or, perhaps, your first credit card account ever, there may be pushback on your application. This is simply because credit history is a key component of credit score and, with limited history, your score is likely to be lower.

Insufficient income

Most credit card companies require you to input your estimated gross income when applying for a new credit card to be sure you can meet repayments. In the event your projected income is too low, the card may be denied as a result.

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Credit inquiries

Lenders in general don’t like to see too many credit inquiries on your account in a short period as this can indicate a sudden need for funds. Even the easiest Discover card to get may prove difficult if you have too many credit inquiries in a short period.

What to do if Discover denies your credit card application?

Nobody likes seeing that their credit card application was denied, especially if they were hoping for approval. That’s why taking the time to first call the credit card issuer to inquire as to why your account was denied should be the immediate step. Once this has been completed, attempt to address the factor yourself if they do not approve an overturn of the decision. For example, if the fault was a lack of income, wait until you have sufficient income to apply again.


Securing a credit card is never a sure thing even though the answer to how hard is it to get a Discover credit card is not very easy. If you have above 700 credit score and meet the requirements of the card you are applying for, though, the chances are decently strong that you may be approved.

To qualify for a Discover card with a 550 credit score you will need to apply for one of their specialty cards such as their Secured card or their Student card.

The max credit limit on Discover cards will vary depending on the card. With that said, a five-figure credit limit is not unheard of so long as a credit card holder practices healthy credit habits.

Most credit cards offered by Discover will offer instant approval or denial. In the event your application requires a second look, it may take a couple of days for the review process to be completed.

While the answer to is Discover card hard to get approved for is no, that doesn’t mean everyone is approved automatically. A person must still meet all of the requirements outlined by the website at the time of the application.

There are several different Discover cards available to individuals around the country, but each has different requirements for approval. In general, though, the answer to whether is Discover secured card hard to get is no, and it is also the easiest to get.

It is advised that a person have at least a credit score of 700 to give themselves the best shot at approval on an application.