At a Glance

Let’s get real. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the ‘Olympics of Shopping.’ These are the days when your bank account runs away screaming, your savings plan looks like it’s been through a tornado and stores look like the arena in The Hunger Games but with holiday decorations strewn about. In 2023, Black Friday falls on November 24th, and Cyber Monday follows on November 27th. Why are they important? Well, they’re the days when retailers collectively lose their minds and throw discounts around like confetti.



The average amount consumers spent during the Black Friday period in 2022.

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The planning phase for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday isn’t just a casual stroll through the park; it’s more like gearing up for a marathon. To start, make a meticulous list of the items you need (and let’s emphasize “need” here) and assign a budget for each. This is your battle plan, so be ready to defend it against temptations in the form of flashy deals and impulse buys.

Research becomes your trusty sidekick. Scout out prices beforehand and compare deals across various retailers. This isn’t just a casual scroll through a few websites; this is a deep dive, a true investigative expedition into the realm of discounts. Signing up for email lists may flood your inbox, but it also brings forth a wave of exclusive offers and early-bird specials. Make sure to have a dedicated email folder—this isn’t the time to get lost in the ocean of promotional messages.

Knowing the lay of the land is crucial. What time do your favorite stores open? Map out your shopping route like a military operation. Timing is key. If you’re one to make hasty decisions, befriend the return policy. It’s like having a safety net—just in case your judgment falters in the heat of the shopping moment.

Shop around

Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes—it’s time to compare, contrast, and investigate. Online versus in-store prices? That’s your first clue. Unleash the power of price comparison websites; they’re the magnifying glass to your shopping mystery. And don’t forget those sneaky coupons and promo codes—hunting them down is like finding buried treasure.

Free shipping and returns? Oh, that’s the jackpot. Not only does it save you a few bucks, but it’s also the ultimate convenience. Negotiation, often an underused skill, might just be your secret weapon. Don’t be afraid to politely ask for a better deal—after all, the worst they can say is “no.”

Mindful spending

In the Hunger Games of shopping, your mindfulness is your bow and arrow. Stay alert, and avoid the trap of impulse buying. Shopping when hungry or tired? It’s like venturing into a lion’s den unarmed. And about those credit cards—use them sparingly unless you’re ready to face the wrath of mounting debts.

Scams are like hidden traps. Be on guard against those shady deals that seem too good to be true. Verify and double-check before entering your payment details. Vigilance is your shield against the unscrupulous tactics of fraudulent sellers.

Hunt out the best deals

Ah, the thrill of the hunt! Stores often dangle freebies and discounts like carrots before a rabbit. Take advantage of these offerings. Keep an eye out for those elusive buy-one-get-one-free deals; they’re like the golden eggs of the shopping world. And don’t forget about loyalty programs—they’re your loyal companions in this retail journey. Rack up those points; they might just turn into a shopping spree all on their own.

Sales on shipping and returns are the unsung heroes of your shopping expedition. They might not shine as bright as the headline discounts, but they surely save you a ton in the long run. Who doesn’t love to cut down on those extra costs while navigating the shopping labyrinth?

Consider buying in bulk

If you need to buy multiple items, consider buying them in bulk to save money. Many retailers offer discounts on bulk purchases.

Be aware of return policies

Before you buy anything, make sure to read the return policy. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you can return the item if you’re not satisfied with it.

Use a credit card that offers rewards

Many credit cards offer rewards for purchases, such as cash back, points, or miles. Using a rewards credit card for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping can help you save money in the long run.

Beware of scams

Scammers are more active during the holiday season, so be careful when shopping online. Be sure to only shop on secure websites and don’t click on links in suspicious emails.

Use coupons and promo codes

There are many ways to find coupons and promo codes for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can sign up for email lists from your favorite retailers, follow them on social media, and check websites like RetailMeNot and

Practice your patience

In the frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, patience becomes your greatest asset. Long lines and crowded stores are par for the course. Embrace the chaos and be ready to bide your time. Deals won’t just fall into your lap—sometimes, you need to dig deeper, look harder, and perhaps wait a little longer. Don’t lose hope if you don’t strike gold immediately. The shopping arena is in constant flux, and new deals might just be around the corner.

The key here is persistence. Check and recheck those discounts. Sometimes, a little patience and a second glance can reveal the gem you’ve been searching for. Remember, it’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon. Those who persist often end up with the grandest treasures.

Bottom line

The aftermath of Black Friday and Cyber Monday can leave your wallet in a state of panic. However, all hope is not lost. To avoid plunging into the abyss of debt, start by keeping track of your expenses. A detailed budget can be your savior in times of post-shopping distress.

Avoid the allure of debt by paying off your credit card balance in full each month. Treat it like a sacred vow to protect your financial sanctity. And remember, it’s never too late to start a savings plan. Cultivate a healthy relationship with your savings account—it might just become your knight in shining armor in times of financial turmoil. Happy shopping, and may your savings plan be ever in your favor!