Discover it® Miles Review

The Discover it® Miles credit card is a solid option for earning travel rewards without hefty annual fees or complicated loyalty programs. It offers a straightforward and user-friendly approach to earning rewards without the need for complex calculations or spending categories.

Written by : Updated On: January 31

The basics

Reward Rate:


All purchases


Miles are redeemable at a rate of 1 cent per mile towards cash or travel. The Discover it® Miles card has no blackout dates, expiration dates, or transfer fees on miles.

Key Features:

Annual fee


Intro APR


Regular APR

14.99% - 24.99%, based on creditworthiness.

Signup bonus


As a reward for taking the plunge and getting your own Discover it® Miles card, all the miles you earn in your first years will be matched by Discover, doubling your earnings (up to $60,000 in spending).

Redemption ways


There are a few ways to redeem miles on your Discover it® Miles card. You can get a statement credit on travel purchases made on the card, cash back, gift cards, or a statement credit for and PayPal purchases.

Our Verdict

The Discover it® Miles is a no-fuss travel rewards card with a straightforward earning and redemption structure. It lacks transfer partners or elite travel perks, but its flexibility and lack of an annual fee make it a strong choice for everyday spending.

Best Suited for:



Travel is your middle name. When you aren’t taking advantage of transit for your daily commute in the form of cabs, rideshares and trains, you are looking for a weekend escape. And if there is an opportunity to go somewhere, you take it. You are into earning miles, getting hotel upgrades, eating out and making sure your car is always fueled.

Earn 1.5x miles on all purchases.Lower base earn rate compared to other travel-focused cards.
Double miles earned in the first year.Limited rewards maximization on specific travel categories.
Redeem points for travel or cash.No travel transfer partners.
Simple and straightforward process for earning miles with no bonus categories to track.No elite travel benefits, such as airport lounge access, free ATM withdrawals, primary car rental insurance, or general travel insurance with the Discover it® Miles card.
No annual fee.
No blackout dates or expiration on miles.

Hidden perks

Beyond the advertised miles bonanza, the Discover It Miles card hides gems like flexible redemptions for flights, hotels, and Amazon shopping, bonus mileage through Discover Deals, travel insurance perks, and free credit score tracking.

Comparing Discover it® Miles with a similar card

Discover it® Miles

Reward rate1.50%
Reward details1.5X Miles on every dollar of every purchase
Intro Bonus:Equal to the cashback you earn in first year Annual fee$0
Regular APR16.24% - 27.24%
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Citi® Premier®

Reward rate1x - 3x
Reward detailsEarn 3 Points per $1 spent at Restaurants and Supermarkets. Earn 3 Points per $1 spent at Gas Stations, Air Travel and Hotels. Earn 1 Point per $1 spent on all other purchases.
Intro Bonus:60,000 Points Annual fee$95
Regular APR20.49% - 28.49%
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Beyond the basics

Balance Transfer Intro APR

For the first 15 months of your Discover it® Miles card, 0% APR on balance transfers – after that period, then regular APR applies.

Cash Advance APR

25.49% -27.49% based on creditworthiness.

Foreign Transaction Fee

Incredibly, this card has no transaction fees! Enjoy borderless spending without added charges.

Loan APR


Late Payment Fee

Late payments are subject to a penalty of up to $40, which is a standard penalty for missed payments across most Discover cards.

Penalty APR

27.49% APR.

Credit Score Required

For the Discover it® Miles card, you’ll need good to excellent credit (generally 670+ score) to get approved.

Additional card features and benefits

In addition to purchase protection and a free FICO credit report, travelers will love certain perk this card can offer. The card offers travel accident insurance which provides coverage for accidental death or dismemberment while traveling on a common carrier, like a plane or train. It offers basic protection for unexpected situations.

Optional coverage to waive collision damage liability on rental cars, excluding theft.

What we like about this card

We love how Discover doubles your miles in the first year, granting you a generous boost to jumpstart your travel fund. And a card that has no annual fee is always great by us, as it allows users to keep more of their money for actual adventures. We also love this card for occasional travelers who want flexible redemption options; from travel to cash back, it’s easy to choose what aligns with your needs.


Drawbacks and considerations

That being said, we don’t love this card for those who travel very frequently. There’s a lower base earn rate than some travel cards, so those who hit the road on a regular basis should consider other options if maximizing rewards on specific travel categories is your priority. There are also no travel transfer partners, which provides limited redemption options compared to cards with airline or hotel partnerships. Additionally, travelers won’t be getting any elite travel benefits like airport lounge access, which is a necessity for those who find themselves at the airport often.


How to decide if this card is right for you

Choosing a credit card that aligns with your financial needs and lifestyle requires careful consideration. The Discover it® Miles credit card is designed to cater to individuals who value travel rewards and want a straightforward, flexible rewards program. Here are key factors to help you decide if the Discover It Miles credit card is right for you:

1.  Rewards Structure: Evaluate the rewards system to determine if it suits your spending habits. The Discover It Miles card offers unlimited 1.5x miles on every purchase, providing simplicity and consistency.

2. Travel Benefits: Consider the travel perks offered, such as the absence of foreign transaction fees. If you frequently travel internationally, a card without foreign transaction fees can save you money on each transaction.

3. Sign-Up Bonus: Check for any sign-up bonuses available. Many credit cards offer welcome bonuses, and Discover It Miles may have promotions that align with your preferences.

4. Annual Fee: Determine whether you prefer a credit card with no annual fee. The Discover It Miles card does not have an annual fee, making it a cost-effective option for those who want to avoid additional charges.

5. Redemption Flexibility: Explore the flexibility of miles redemption. Discover It Miles allows you to redeem miles for statement credits on travel-related purchases, providing versatility in how you use your rewards.

6. APR and Introductory Periods: Examine the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and any introductory 0% APR periods for balance transfers or purchases. This is crucial if you plan to carry a balance or transfer existing balances.

7. Credit Score Requirements: Check the credit score requirements for approval. Ensure your credit profile aligns with the card’s criteria to increase the likelihood of approval.

8. Customer Service and Cardholder Reviews: Research customer reviews and the issuer’s reputation for customer service. Positive experiences from other cardholders can provide insight into the overall satisfaction with the card.

9. Budget and Spending Habits: Reflect on your budget and spending patterns. Ensure that the credit limit and features offered by the Discover It Miles card align with your financial habits and goals.


Pair this card with:

Citi Double Cash Card


The Citi Double Cash Card is a cashback card that effectively provides 2% back on all purchases (1% when you buy, 1% when you pay). Pairing it with the Discover It Miles card allows you to earn cash back on expenses that may not earn travel miles, providing versatility in rewards.

Apply now: Citi® Double Cash Card


You earn 1.5 miles for every dollar spent on all purchases. There are no bonus categories or blackout dates, so you can rack up miles on everything from groceries to gas to online shopping.

No, your Discover it® Miles never expire, so you can use them at your own pace.

Discover will double all the miles you earn in your first year (up to $60,000 in spending) within 5-7 business days after your account anniversary.

You have several options:

1. Statement credit for travel purchases – Use your miles to get statement credits for past or future travel expenses like flights, hotels, car rentals, and more.

2. Cash back – Get your miles deposited directly into your bank account.

3. Gift cards – Choose from a variety of gift cards for popular retailers and restaurants.

4. and PayPal purchases – Pay for eligible purchases on and PayPal with your Discover it® Miles.

You can redeem as few as 100 miles, which is equal to $1.

No, the Discover it® Miles card has no annual fee.

Good to excellent credit (generally 670+ score) is recommended for approval.

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