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Being an authorized user of someone’s credit card can have its benefits, but there may come a time when you need to remove yourself or someone else from your credit account. Let’s explore the ins and outs of removing authorized users from credit cards, why you might want to do so, and how it can affect your credit score.

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Of authorized users have a credit score of over 680, compared to 27.7% who are not authorized users.

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How to remove an authorized user?

Removing an authorized user can be as simple as calling your credit card company and requesting their removal. However, it’s important to remember that authorized users have no control over this process; it’s entirely in the hands of the primary account holder.

Reasons to remove an authorized user

1. If they aren’t paying it back

One primary reason for removing an authorized user is when they’re not holding up their end of the deal. If they’re running up the credit card bill and not chipping in to pay it off, it might be time to say goodbye.

2. Bad spending habits

Sometimes, an authorized user’s spending habits can wreak havoc on your finances. If they tend to max out the card or make frivolous purchases, it’s a valid reason to consider removal.

Can an authorized user remove themselves from someone else’s account?

Unfortunately, authorized users cannot remove themselves from someone else’s account. This power lies solely with the primary account holder. So, if you’re the authorized user and want out, it’s time for a friendly chat with the account owner.

How to remove yourself as an authorized user from an account?

If you’re an authorized user and wish to make a graceful exit, talk to the primary account holder. They can contact the credit card company and request your removal. It’s a simple process that shouldn’t take much time.

What are good reasons to remove yourself as an authorized user?

There are a few solid reasons to remove yourself as an authorized user:

  • You want to reduce your financial ties to the primary account holder.
  • You’re concerned about their credit card habits impacting your credit.
  • You no longer use the card and want to simplify your financial life.

Will removing an authorized user impact my credit score?

Removing an authorized user typically won’t impact the credit score of the authorized user. However, it can affect the primary account holder’s credit score, which may alter their credit utilization ratio.


Being an authorized user can potentially help build your credit, but it largely depends on the primary account holder’s responsible use of the credit card.

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The impact on your credit score can vary, but you should see changes within a few months after being removed.

As the primary account holder, you have the full authority to remove an authorized user at any time.

Yes, you can remove an authorized user from your credit card account at any time by contacting your credit card company.

If the primary account holder has a history of late payments or high credit card balances, it could negatively affect your credit score as an authorized user.

No, being an authorized user does not impact your debt-to-income ratio because you are not legally responsible for the debt on the card.