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American Express® Gold

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Why do card issuers require social security numbers?

Naturally, when looking at getting a credit card without SSN or ITIN, you may be wondering why card issuers even often require this information in the first place. The government holds financial institutions responsible for the people who partner with them and, as a part of this, requires a form of identification to track financial activity to spot criminals or financial terrorists. This is also why another form of identification is required if you cannot provide an SSN.

Card issuers that will consider applications without SSN

As mentioned based on the above cards, many companies will consider issuing a credit card if no SSN has been presented. However, the most commonly seen issuers include:

1. American Express Global Card Relationship

This member-only service offered by American Express allows select card members to apply for a new American Express personal card in select countries around the world, naturally meaning no SSN is required for those other cards.

2. Citibank Global Banking

Similar to the American Express Global Card Relationship, the Citibank Global Banking experience offers additional credit cards for other countries that do not require an SSN.

3. Other card issuers

Based on the above, several different card issuers offer cards without an SSN. Chase, U.S. Bank, and more are other brands that offer special cards for this purpose.

How to get a credit card without a social security number

When applying for a credit card without a social security number, a person will not simply be able to breeze through the application process without something in its place. Typically, with no SSN, a person must show proof of identification via a driver’s license and ITIN, which is an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number that is only available to nonresident and resident aliens within the United States who pay taxes.


In looking at the best credit card without SSN for international students, general residents, and more, a variety of factors were considered. The most notable of these factors included:

  • Whether or not a card had an annual fee and how much the annual fee was
  • Whether or not the card offered rewards earnings categories
  • Whether or not the card offered a sign-up bonus to the cardholder
  • Whether there was a potential opportunity to upgrade the card eventually
  • The reputation of the card issuer overall

The product information provided here is based on research conducted up to a specific date and may have changed. For the latest and most accurate information, we recommend you to visit the respective card’s website before proceeding.


Generally, once you have been approved for a credit card what you do on that account is up to your discretion. In certain situations, however, a company may require you to present the SSN of an authorized user which is something to be prepared for. Other companies may just require their name, birthday, and address, though this is less common.

No, international credit history will generally not transfer to the U.S., and the major financial institutions will instead look at bank account records to gain a sense of your financial history.

Yes, international students are among the most common groups to apply for a credit card without an SSN while in the U.S. By applying for a credit builder card with loose requirements and showing an alternative form of identification and proof of income, international students can get approved for certain credit cards with no SSN.

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