Credit Card Combinations to Maximize Cash Rewards

Laurel & Hardy, Sonny & Cher, Mary-Kate & Ashley. Sometimes a pair is just better than one.

Find your perfect card match with Credello’s Card Pairing Tool in just a few simple steps. When paired together, their benefits for you and your money will be unstoppable.

Why pair credit cards with Credello?

Maximize cash rewards
Tailored to your spending to help you save overtime
No more math or calculations when swiping your cards

Why Credello?


Recommendations suited for your wallet, not ours


AI-driven solutions to make the best of your money


Personalized to your unique needs

How Credello finds your card pairing

Find your perfect credit card match in 3 easy steps.

1. Answer a few questions for us

We will ask you a few basic questions about how you spend your money, your credit score, and what you want from your credit cards.

2. Benefit from our state-of-the-art algorithm

Our algorithm then picks cards that should be paired based on your responses and current information on cards from all the major brands including Amex, Citi, Capital One, etc.

3. Cards that are just right for you

We find the best matched card pairs for you and your spending habits and estimate how much cash back you will earn based on your card pair.

What is credit card pairing?

Many credit cards offer perks for using the card, such as a certain amount of points back when using the card to purchase specific items. Credit card pairing involves taking card combinations that maximize those points back, essentially only using certain cards for certain purchases that give you the most back.

For example, one credit card may offer 3x points back on grocery purchases and 1x points back on retail purchases, whereas another card offers 4x on retail purchases and 1x for groceries. Combining these two cards and using them for each of their maximized respective categories is a common example of credit card pairing.

How does credit card pairing work?

As outlined briefly above, credit card pairing is about taking the best credit card combination in order to maximize rewards. This process is a personal one that takes evaluating your own personal finances to determine where the majority of your expenditures are. For this process, you need to identify credit cards that offer the majority of points back in your most used categories such as dining or travel.

As you go through your daily life making purchases, be cognizant of which credit cards in your wallet provide the most points back for the purchase you choose to make. By always using the credit card that provides many points back, you can quickly increase your cash-back rewards through credit card pairing.

Does pairing credit cards affect credit score?

Combining credit cards, in and of itself, will not affect your credit score. However, having multiple credit cards means having access to more credit which is a large responsibility. Should you begin to fail to meet payments on your cards or simply forget to pay one off during a month because you have too many cards in your wallet, it can damage your credit score.

On the other side of things, on-time and in-full payments on all of the credit cards will benefit your credit score in the long run, potentially faster than just using a single card.